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Three Steps to Making the Perfect Bed

Today we are tackling the tips of elevating the cozy factor of our favorite place to lay at the end of a long day, our bed!

Let's lay the foundation with cuddle worthy sheets. Whether you opt for cool, comfortable tones, earthy and warm hues or lean into more personality with colorful patterns and designs, be sure to select threads that suit you as a sleeper.

If you tend to get toasty during the night, temperature controlled sheets or breathable linens will be your new bff keeping you nice and cool all night long. Are you a snoozer who reaches for that extra throw blanket before hitting the hay? Microfiber will be your match, doing the trick of keeping you warm and cozy during your slumber.

Thread count is another factor to take into consideration when shopping the sheet aisle.

Keep in mind when searching for that magic number on the packaging, different materials have varying counts when translating to comfort. If you love the luxurious feel of Egyptian cotton look for a thread count ranging from 300-500.

Sticking to bedding neutrals for the top layer is your best bet for focusing in on a timeless look. If your top priority is a simple set to throw together, comforters offer the ease of a bundled package ready to go. On the other hand, duvets can be customizable with a variety of fills from synthetic to down, and covers can be easily washed or switched out based on the season.

To top it all off, don't hesitate to add on the extra throw blanket and pillows you love. Varying colors and textures will add a layered look to up the extra inviting feel. We have made our bed, and now it's time to lay in it too.

Sweetest dreams!

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1 Comment

This is a great article with very helpful tips on how to style a bed and what fabrics to use.

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