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Coffee Table Style Guide

History has it back in 1920 an eager husband looking to meet his wife’s needs trimmed down the legs of their dining room table to suit the purpose of serving coffee at a dinner party. Thanks to Stuart Foote we now have the modern day coffee table.

This living room staple, which Ballard Designs deems the most important piece in the room after seating, is more than deserving of our styling efforts. With its myriad of uses from drink holder to footstool, we will tie all the elements together to balance beauty and function.

Let’s start in the center and work our way out. If you like to keep things simple and tidy choosing a tray to display a few items like a vase, stacked books, coasters and a candle will meet that goal. It will limit the surface area used and keep it low key.

If you gravitate towards a more layered look, an oversized bowl draped with decorative beads, an oversized vase filled with natural looking florals (keeping height in mind so no view is hindered) or candle sticks and a basket for the the safe keeping of the remote or reading glasses are great options.

A little insight from a designer’s bag of tricks, group things in three. This provides an aesthetically pleasing look.

The options are endless when choosing pieces that can inspire coffee table conversation starters, with all the tips considered, keep it uniquely you. Selecting decor that you love and are happy to see daily is key. Check out our Instagram account for more styling inspiration.

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