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Decorating with “The Rule of Threes”

Let’s get odd

It can be overwhelming to set up the “perfect combination” of home decor. I myself even struggle sometimes with designing the perfect bookshelf or end table. It happens, but the truth of the matter is, there really is no exact rhyme or reason to design. Design is more of a vision or a style and that’s what makes it so much fun. The freedom to let your creativity flow is what makes your style uniquely yours. Now, not everyone has the gift of vision, which is completely okay, because if there wasn’t people like that, there wouldn’t be people like me; interior stylists. With that being said, hope is not lost for those who may be “visually design challenged”. The “Rule of threes” is more of a system rather than a rule. Never the less, it’s a great way to help you pull together the perfect design. It’s a simple system that can help you upgrade your style from “blah” to “woah”. Here are some easy ways you can incorporate the rule of threes into your home design:

1. A simple floral arrangement can be elevated and look amazing with multiple vases instead of just one. Decorate with different sizes, patterns, and colors of vases.

2. Decor on a bookshelf can easily be overlooked if not arranged properly. To help your decor stand out, arrange books and decorations in odd numbers. Create different patterns throughout the shelves to help break up the symmetry.

3. Side tables and nightstands serve a major purpose: to assist with tasks. A nightstand next to the bed to hold your glass of water and chapstick, a side table next to your favorite chair to hold a lamp that provides light while reading your favorite book. Wherever your table is and whatever purpose it serves in your home, decorate it with lamps, picture frames, small potted plants or vases, and of course you guessed it, decorate in threes.

The next best thing to creating a “rule of three” design, is styling in odd numbers. This will help to cut out the automatic feeling we get to make things symmetrical. Decorate in numbers like 1, 3, 5 and 7. At the end of the day, remember, your home is yours and your style should reflect that. Don’t focus so much on making your home Pinterest worthy, but rather a home that makes you and your family happy.


Savannah Jones


Where The Heart Is- Home Staging & Interior Styling

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