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Styling an Entryway Table

When we think of decorating our home, our minds often skip to the main living spaces where most of our time is spent. Let's rewind a bit, to the first place we and sometimes our belongings land when stepping through the door, the entryway.

This space where guests are greeted and first impressions are made, sets the tone for the rest our home. So let's lay out the welcoming vibe the minute they arrive. Whether your space is a grand foyer or a compact hallway, adding an entryway table will do the trick.

Since the items in a home should be a reflection of those who dwell within its walls ,we will focus on styling the table with items that make it uniquely yours, while balancing beauty and functionality. Here are the main things to include...


Adding a mirror will help reflect light in an entry way void of catching the rays of the sun and who doesn't need a quick once over before heading out the door?! With variations of available shapes, sizes and finishes, choose a mirror that will tastefully compliment the table. If you happen to shy away from hanging things on the wall, don't worry, a leaning mirror is very on trend.


Adding framed photos is a great way to personalize the space. A few fun examples to ponder... a map of your hometown, a silly candid family photo or head to the store to have that fave pic from your last vacation printed. Any shot that will get you smiling as you step in the door.

Baskets and Bowls

Entryways happen to be the drop zone of the home. Including these catchalls are a simple way to add texture, and serve as a safekeeping for the essentials: wallet, keys and phone. So you won't be caught running late again searching for your device. Oversized baskets can be stored under the table and serve as great shoe storage, too!

Vases and Books

You don't even need to head to the store to decorate your table, instead opt for items you already have laying around the house like vases and books. Fiction or fantasy, books on your favorite topics and interests are an easy way to layer decor. Vases with faux or real stems can add a pop of color and can be swapped out to coincide with the seasons.


And lastly, don't forget to leave the light on! A lamp adds a warm glow to highlight all the pieces you selected.

Happy Decorating!

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